Words Matter

10 Apr

Sunday, 04/10/16


“Conversation is so much more than words: a conversation is eyes, the smile, and the silences between words.” -Annika Thor

I came to this space thinking that if I could just write out what was going on, that it would fix me. That somehow words on a screen sent out to whoever cared enough to read would somehow heal me.

A lot’s changed in the last three and half years. What I realized in the process of trying to quiet the noise is that none of this is about me. It’s never really been about me.

At my age, I know everything and nothing about life. I say both everything and nothing, because I know what it’s taken to get me here, but I know nothing about what’s to come. And I want to spend the rest of my life learning and growing and offering whatever fragments of wisdom I have to anyone willing to listen.

What I’ve learned, especially in the last three and half years since starting this blog, is that this life has nothing to do with me. It has everything to do with the goodness and the love that we put into the world. I started this blog because I was heartbroken, tired and in my mind, needed an outlet to heal. The notebooks I carried around with me everywhere I went just weren’t doing my thoughts any justice.

Writing, words, reading and life have taught me so much in the last three and half years. But what I’m learning the most is the importance of connections. Relationships are so important — the ones that are real and true. The people who fight for you, fight with you, celebrate with you and sit next to you when you are in the thick of life. The ones who cheer you on, practice happiness and grace when they, themselves, are struggling to find their own. People matter, conversations matter, words matter.

The truth behind it all is that, people will never stay as long as you want them to. But I’ll tell you a secret; they’ll always stay as long as you need them to. That’s something I keep learning over and over again. You will meet people who will turn your life upside down. They’ll come in, they’ll teach you something, and you’ll grow. You will laugh and learn from them. And you’ll wonder where the hell they were before you met them.

They’ll be incredible forces in your life. And sometimes, as quickly as they came by, they’ll leave. And it’s disheartening and unfair and sometimes cruel, but you’ll carry in your heart that you are better because of them. You’ll keep their memories, their wisdom, and their words.

Because at the end of the day, I need you to believe that words matter.


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