Happy Mother’s Day!

08 May

Sunday, 05/08/16


Hope is the thing with feathers that perches in the soul, And sings the tune without the words, and never stops at all.-Emily Dickenson

Dear Mom,

I don’t remember the last time I actually sat down and wrote you a letter, although I know it’s been a while … a little while. Funny how you never really think of those kinds of things, but then, written words were never really all that important to us … were they?

In fact, I can remember a time when we were SO close; I swear we could read each other’s thoughts. But those times are gone now … aren’t they? And to be honest, I don’t even know why I’m writing you this letter, it’s not like you can read it anymore.

I guess, maybe it’s because, if you wait too long, the words can never be spoken out loud. And there’s just too much I need to tell you to let that happen. So here it is mommy, my letter to you.

First off, I need to tell you how very much I love you! You have been a constant joy in my life and each day God gave us to spend together, was like having heaven here on earth. Don’t ever think, not for a minute, that you were EVER a burden to me … because you weren’t. If anything, you were a blessing.

In fact, do you know as I was growing up, the one thing I wanted was to become a person who was just like you? Someone who was strong, caring, and loving? And that’s what you were mommy … that’s what you always were.

If there was someone in trouble, you were the one to lend a hand, to lend a shoulder, to lend a heart. You never judged or condemned. You just went about trying to make it better. And what a difference you made in all of those lives.

You see, you were the one who taught me to look beyond the human face and search out the heart instead. You said; ‘there’, is where the real person lye’s … and you were right.

But how did you know that? And how did you know to teach me that? Because that’s what I DO now. I no longer look at the facial features or the frailties that have happened because of life, but I DO look at their hearts mom, and what remarkable things I have seen there. And you were such an example of that!!

Do you know what I see when I look at your pictures today? I see the beauty of who you still are in my heart. Not anything else … but YOU.

I also want to tell you what an incredible mother you had been. And don’t fuss at me for saying that, because it’s the truth. You’ve always given me whatever I have needed. Whether it was faith, confidence, courage, or even to have belief in myself. But above all, the most important thing you have ever given me is your love. In fact, there has never been a time when I hadn’t felt it. And that includes now, even though you can’t say it to me anymore.

Well mom, I guess that’s just about it. I hope someday you will see this letter. Whether it’s reading it from heaven or just simply seeing it in my heart. You will always be with me mom, no matter where I go or what I do. And the one thing I will always be certain of is that, in this life, I was loved by you.

Happy Mother’s Day In Heaven

Love Always Your Daughter,



In Memory Of My Mom

You were a precious gift from God above,
So much beauty, grace and love.
You touched our hearts in so many ways,
Your smile so bright even on the bad days.
You heard God’s whisper calling you home,
You didn’t want to go and leave us alone.
You loved us so much, you held on tight,
Till all the strength was gone and you could no longer fight.
He had called your name twice before,
You knew you couldn’t make him wait anymore.
So you gave your hand to God and slowly drifted away,
Knowing that with our love we will be together again someday.PDMagnifyingglassPlease stop by my other website Tianna’s Books

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~Do You Hear Her Whispers?~

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