Not Telling?

11 Jun

Sunday, 06/11/17

“Write it on your heart that every day is the best day in the year.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson


There’s some of life that’s been pretty fantastic, some that’s been not so great, and most of it is being lived elsewhere in the corners of a sunny patio and a full kitchen table. Sometimes I want to not-tell a great many things, so I hide my pen, shut down my laptop and get on with life and the stories that happen.

So if you’ve been wondering what’s been going on? That is it. That is what’s been going on, at least a small bit of it.

I’ve had a few health problems. It was one thing and then another. I’m doing much better now! All the Glory be given to God!!

I’ve been learning and cooking and watching a bit too much television. I’ve embraced the rays of (almost) summer, bought tickets, checked bags, spilled lattes, laughed loudly and cried more than I’d like. I tell my family I love them, because I do, and I try not to rush the days, even the bad ones, because they are only here once.

I also try to not worry, although I think I’m quite bad at it … not worrying, that is.

I try to ask myself the hard questions, and say my prayers, and go for drives ( hubby of course does the driving for now, anyway), and give hugs, write emails, and remember what’s needed from the past so I can push into the future. And I’m trying harder to be present, kinder and healthy.

And while I pretend that my laptop is shut down and my pens are dusty, that is only partially true. Because I’ve been writing the bigger story, getting it down in fits and starts. It’s rough, incredibly hard at times, but I’ve promised myself there will be something, even if it’s only ever this, there will be something.


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