You don’t want to read a day-to-day account of my life?! I’ll just mention the highlights, then.

Likes: BIG cats, birds, dogs and saltwater fish. Lions and tigers and bears — oh my!

Fears: thunderstorms, snakes, total darkness, moths and buggies, oh the dreaded buggies!!!!

Loves: Walks –  I can relax and be alone with my thoughts. There are many trees in my neighborhood, and shrubs, and I really love living here. It is quiet and I feel peaceful and safe.

(I am always trying to improve aspects about me, right?!).

I enjoy movies, prefer them on the DVD player. Because I love the comfort of *home*. I love writing stories, drawing, painting and poetry, they are passions of mine. I love the outdoors. I have so many loves of life, that I can’t possibly write them all here …

I’ve gotten to be a decent cook over the years, and I do admit to taking some pride in that. I enjoy cooking and baking so much.

I just adore the color purple, red, midnight blue and hunter green. I love pepsi and I am a big freezy pop/snow cone person!

I love with all my heart and soul(I am very proud of them too) ‘our’ children and ‘our’ wee ones. Another reason for my being!!! My everything!!!!

Our families and friends — heart and soul …

Some of the things I believe in with all my heart and soul are, first and foremost, GOD! HE has given me so many truly WONDERFUL blessings in my life!!! I won’t say that I haven’t had some very rough, trying, dark and hurtful times in my life, but GOD has shown me that HE has never once left my side throughout it all(even when I had believed He had). All Praise and Glory Be Given To GOD!!! AMEN

I believe everyone needs to feel loved, be by family, friends or that special someone in our life. I believe in fairytales ,dreams, they do come true, one just has to have faith and hold on to their dreams. I believe in living with an open mind and a caring heart, people who don’t, miss out on so much in life. I believe in helping others in need. I believe in family and friends. I believe in miracles. I believe EVERYONE should have the acceptance they deserve, and no one should be punished for being who they are, even if they are different by any standards. I could go on and on!!

A Few Simple Desires: One of my most important desires was to find my soul mate … and after many years of waiting, God has bought us together, again. He is one of the most powerful forces in my life, here on earth … my heart, my soul, my inspiration, my passion, a reason for being … my everything. Whether we are endless miles apart, or if our bodies are melted into one, he is always with me. In him, I have found the means to be fulfilled, to heal my wounds, to mend both my heart and soul, to regain my inner strength, and to erase those memories which should be forgotten.

Now that I have found him, another of my most important desire is to do anything and everything in my power to be everything to him that he is to me … to make him happy, to give him all I have to give, to love him, to need him, to want him, to respect him, to trust him, to be faithful to him, and to take care of him for all eternity and beyond with all I am and more, regardless of anything or anyone.

I have been through so much hurt and heartache in my life, that it made me stop believing in ‘love’, but God has been watching over me all these years and blessed my life with this wonderful man, David. My sweet David so very easily see’s and encourages the ‘who I am inside’ and makes it so very, very easy to give him my all … I love you, David, heart and soul!

Moonlit nights … rain in Autumn … snowfall on Christmas Eve… the humbling reminder of the mountains … the freedom of the wind … the serenity of the forest … the embrace of the ocean …

Writing … drawing … painting … music … movies … books … creating web pages and graphics … the love of friends and family … communication with the world … reaching out to help those in need … spending time with my angel …

Warm Smiles and thank you for visiting. I hope you find something helpful, something informative, a few smiles or at the very least something memorable among these pages. I feel your presence, and it is greatly appreciated here … Brightest Blessings To You All


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